The world’s most reliable bike tire! No air. No flat. No stress.


Tannus tires are like no other bicycle tires on the planet – it is the first solid tire that is comparable to pneumatic tires. A Tannus tire can withstand anything that would normally puncture your usual tire. Things like nails, glass, and sharp metal objects are no longer your enemy.

Tannus is a Korean company that is committed to the development of the bicycle culture through technological innovation. With this philosophy, they have created the patented Aither technology that comprises the tire.  Its unique foaming technology, made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin, makes Tannus resistant all punctures. The latest version, Aither 1.1, has enhanced elasticity, good grip performance, and ensures a better feel whilst riding. It’s rolling resistance even rates closely to premium city bike tires!

Guaranteed to never go flat, Tannus solid tires offer amazing cycling freedom. Go anywhere, anytime, and leave your tools at home. Remain stress-free while riding comfortably through any terrain. Never worry again, just enjoy the ride!

This revolution in cycling is available in select stores in the Philippines and online through our shop.



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